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1. Will I receive a confirmation?

2. Is there a camp store?

3. How do I get to Wesleyan for camp? Is there a shuttle service?

4. How much money should I bring?

5. Do I need indoor shoes?

6. What's the weather like in Middletown in July?

7. Can I have an interview at Wesleyan or Yale?

8. Are there day campers?

9. Can I arrive early?

10. Can Coaches attend the camp?



1.You will receive a confirmation via e-mail.  Confirmation details including what to bring, where to go and important schedule information are available on line:
2. Yes, you will find snacks, Gatorade and pizza for the evening. When you register for camp, you have the opportunity to buy a camp store credit card. The recommended amount of money for the week is around $50-75. That's a lot of pizza and Gatorade!


3.There are many ways to travel to Wesleyan.  
If you are flying, Bradley International outside of Hartford is the best airport to consider.  Please click here for more details.  If you are in need of a shuttle service, the camp does provide one for a small fee- contact Geoff Wheeler: for more information.


4. In addition to bringing money for the camp store, there will be an opportunity to purchase t-shirts, sweatshirts, etcetera at the University bookstore. A total of $50-$75 is recommended.


5. Yes, in case of inclement weather, there are indoor facilities available at Wesleyan. They do not need to be indoor soccer shoes, but they cannot be cleats; any tennis shoe will do.


6. Typically in the high 70s and mid 80s. Rain gear is recommended in case of inclement weather.


7. Yes, campers can set up interviews at both Wesleyan (860-685-3000) or Yale (203- 432-9300).  At Wesleyan, recommended interview times are before or after camp or in the afternoons during camp from 1-4 pm.  Yale interviews should be set up outside of camp hour operations.


8. Yes, day campers at East Coast Soccer Academy are welcome.  The fee is $450 and you should contact Geoff Wheeler: to make the necessary arrangements for payment. A day camper starts the day at 8:45 am on the field and finishes the day around 9:30 pm.  Lunch and dinner are included in the fee.


9. Yes, arrangements can be made for campers arriving a day before the start of camp.
Please contact Camp Director Geoff Wheeler for more information:


10. Club, high school and college coaches are all welcome to observe at ECSA. Contact a director for more information.